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Oh - I'm so glad that you found me so that I can find you!!! Do what you love - march to your own drummer... I'll back you up!!!

And color? Bring it on!!! That's my motto!!!

This will be fun!!!
;-D robelyn


Go you! Do your own thing - that's my motto too! - The horse head is from ZGallerie - purchased online over a year ago. Glad you like her- she's part of our family. ;)



My advice for anyone is exactly what you said - be who you are! Don't worry about "fitting in"! When you are who you are, you will naturally find those who you just 'fit'. It might take awhile but be patient!!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Oh, and after being a SAHM for 13 years, I just returned to part-time work and am having an equally time adjusting - so it goes BOTH ways! And the blogging thing- well I have been at it for 3 years! It took me a long while to find my 'voice'. Keep at it!

Have a wonderful day!


Hey girlie! glad to see you back..I say take it one day at a time...I will be in your shoes soon and I know I have nothing in common with those mom's at my kids school either!! I agree with Jill, just be you and find your voice! don't change who you!! xo

Theresa Smith

Hello there! Do you live near Brimfield? We do the show there twice a year at The New England Motel!

Glad you stopped by my blog. I will be back soon!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

Just do you! It's hard but if you try to be something you're not you won't be happy. Believe me I know - I never did fit in with the other mommies at school and I still feel like I don't fit in with any blogging niche.

I like all those white rooms too but I couldn't live like that!

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